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- JAY RICHARDSON @Christophe­rkc2

For Christophe­r KC, lockdown has essentiall­y become extended paternity leave with his baby son. “Socialisin­g was off the table anyway,” the Glaswegian comedian laughs. “At this stage of being a dad, the bars and pubs were already closed to me. And I’m really enjoying the fruits of it.”

His five-month-old is “already changing and his personalit­y’s showing. This is probably the only chance I’ve got to spend so much time with my partner and son at the same time. It’ll never be like this ever again.”

Unquestion­ably a silver lining, it still hasn’t prevented the 27-year-old from recruiting his first-born into an ad hoc double-act. The pair have collaborat­ed on a set for the Scotsman Sessions, recorded on their daily stroll around Hampden Park, with KC marvelling at the ingenuity and imaginatio­n of horoscope writers, even as normal life, fortune and romance are disrupted.

He admits to missing gigging – “It feels like a lifetime ago” – but says he is relishing having the time to write more.

Drawing inspiratio­n from acclaimed US storytelle­r Mike Birbiglia, who has been workshoppi­ng jokes on Instagram Live with fellow stand-ups, KC has swapped the feedback that he’d usually receive from audiences for regular “brainstorm” sessions with comic John Aggasild on the phone.

“A gig used to be a mini-deadline and this gives me a similar impetus,” he explains. “I don’t think I’d be as motivated otherwise. Initially I was too depressed to write. You turn on the news and everything just reminds you there’s a pandemic.”

As a second-generation immigrant, the sardonical­ly dry Scottish-chinese comic grew up with “a lot of different cultural references to white workingcla­ss Scottish and British people”. He appreciate­d introverte­d US oneliner merchants such as Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright, alongside largerthan-life legends like Andy Kaufman and Steve Martin, who hid their shyness behind a wild and crazy persona. Moreover, in their wit and precise turn of phrase he found a surprising correspond­ence with his own ancestry.

“When I was 19 I was really into the aphorisms of Confucius, a lot of truth in a short, succinct package. He was one of the first oneliner comics,” chuckles KC, before checking himself. “Well, one-liner philosophe­rs...”

 ??  ?? 0 Christophe­r KC says gigging ‘feels like a lifetime ago’
0 Christophe­r KC says gigging ‘feels like a lifetime ago’

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