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Numnuts pain relief for sheep


While the clue might be in the name, the Scottish developer of‘ N um nuts ’, a pain reducing cast rati on and de-tailingsys­tem for sheep, has won the opportunit­y to work with a major supermarke­t retailer towards expanding the concept.

Robin Smith, founder of Senesino which invented the product said that Numnuts provided lambs with the best start in life, giving welfare focused consumers, retailers and sheep farmers an ethical and sustainabl­e approach to castration and detailing.

The patented technology is a practical, farmer-friendly method for alleviatin­g pain by injecting local anaestheti­c at the same time as rubber ring applicatio­n to the tail or testes, providing fast-acting pain relief.

While the pro duct i s wel l known in Australia, he said that recognitio­n in a major agri-tech competitio­n marked a substantia­l commitment by the supermarke­t Tesco towards improving UK farm animal welfare:

“We are delighted that the team at Tesco are excited as we are about helping to repatriate our technology back into the UK (where it was invented), then assisting the tens of millions of lambs with their Numnuts!”

Tesco’s head of agricultur­e, Natalie Smith, said the product had been chosen to trial and scale up a simple piece of technology that had the potential to improve the welfare of thousands of animals within the supply chain.

The Numnuts concept originated from work carried out at Moredun which secured early funding for the area and the Institute possesses a shareholdi­ng in the company, with director, Prof Julie Fitzpatric­k, sitting on the board.

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