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Independen­t Scotland in the EU could replicate Irish success, claims Forbes


Rejoining the European Union after Scotland becomes independen­t could see the country become as successful economical­ly as Ireland, the SNP’S finance minister has said.

Writing in The Scotsman, Kate Forbes said a report by Sir Tom Hunter that called for “radical” economic change in Scotland “illustrate­s the great opportunit­ies for Scotland’s economy”.

The report published by Oxford Economics accused Westminste­r and Holyrood of not being bold enough on economy policy, and warned it was not “realistic” to expect either to transform things given the current approach

The report pointed to Scot

land’s economy lagging so far behind some other countries that it would need a business comparable in size with Google’s total global output to bring its GDP per head of population up the level of Norway’s.

Ms Forbes argues the report from Sir Tom shows that Scotland “faces major challenges”, but also points out “structural inequaliti­es of the union and its economy”.

Drawing comparison­s with other smaller European nations such as Norway and Denmark, the MSP candidate for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch said independen­ce and rejoining the EU would give Scotland the opportunit­y to develop its economy to create a“moreprospe­rousandfai­rer country”.

Likeningsc­otlandtoir­eland before joining the European Union but post-independen­ce,msforbessa­ysrejoinin­g the EU would give Scotland a “seatatthet­optableino­urown right” and access to the European single market.

She writes: “If Ireland can do it, so can Scotland.”

 ??  ?? 0 Kate Forbes: ‘If Ireland can do it, so can Scotland’
0 Kate Forbes: ‘If Ireland can do it, so can Scotland’

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