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Tate Modern plunge boy able to play by himself

- George Lithgow

The family of a boy thrown from the tenth floor of the Tate Modern art gallery say they are "proud of his progress" and he is now able to play by himself.

The French youngster was six when he was badly hurt in an attack by teenager Jonty Bravery at the London attraction four years ago.

The child, who was on holiday with his parents in August 2019, survived a 100ft (30m) fall but suffered life-changing injuries, including a bleed on the brain and broken bones.

His family, who call him "notre petit chevalier" - our little knight - said, in an update posted on a Gofundme page he has "begun to chose activities for himself ".

The youngster, who spent months in intensive care, is said to be gaining maturity and independen­ce.

"He can go play in the garden with the dog, sit down to draw, build with his Legos, take a board game or read in his room," his family said.

"He is more careful in his movements and in his actions in general, which allows him to start helping in the house by feeding the dog for example, or clearing his plate.

"He is very proud now to be able to open his shutters by himself and above all to finally access the refrigerat­or to serve himself his dessert."

The boy has gained strength on his left side, making him more stable when standing, the family said.

"This progress allows him to guide his horse a little alone, at the horse-assisted therapy with adapted reins."

They said the youngster is having to work a lot harder than the other children to keep up with lessons, but is continuing to "progress".

They added: "His memory has greatly improved. He is now able to remember events that happened to him that same day.”

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