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We seem to be in a merry-goround of incompeten­ce in the UK. No sooner does one problem arise which hits the public attention then another one looms up.

The latest appears to be a government funded initiative to insulate house lofts with a type of foam insulation. Apparently when fitted there is difficulty when trying to sell the property due to a number of reasons but mainly possibilit­y of increase of condensati­on which could lead to damp on the roof woodwork and poor workmanshi­p which exacerbate­s the damp problem due to gaps in applicatio­n.

Obviously another Tory government failure to add to the list one might say, however, like most so called government failures from illegals arriving by boat to NHS problems etc etc the failure scan be put at the government­s doorstep by default as it were. That is, somewhere between the decision making process and delivery there are a myriad of players that manage to slide under the“blame radar” whose only rationale is to ensure that government policy and our tax money is spent wisely and produce good quality outcomes!

These Quangos, Civil Service apparatchi­ks, Local government including Housing Associatio­ns etc etc sail freely on safe that media will not shine the spotlight on how they fit into the incompeten­ce that surrounds us today. For example, TV news reporters go into our towns and ac cost ordinary people for their views on the mattersof the day. generally they say that things are terrible, nothing works, we need more houses, our town centres are dying and the government either needs to spend more money or we need to change government­s then things will be better for us all!

I suppose we should not expect any difference when all we are fed in our news outlets is doom and gloom basically because of the saying “good news is not newsworthy” However, when the tide goes out and we are able to see, full frontal as it were the architects of in competence have nowhere to hide. I suggest that the Post Office Horizon story and Grenfell Tower fire should provide prime examples of incompeten­ce for us all to see if we think about it and we really should.

We should not accept the likes of BBC verify or perhaps GB news for the “truth” as the truth will only arrive down the line when the tide goes out.

Just a thought.

T Lewis Coylton, Ayrshire

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