The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Weigh­ing up the vote


IT was once said that they weighed the Labour votes in Glas­gow rather than counted them. Now it seems they weigh the vot­ers. Tory MSP Jamie Greene says: ‘Mate walked into polling sta­tion and was weighed. Con­fused. Voted. Left. Turns out WeightWatc­h­ers us­ing the hall next door.’ COULD Iain McGill be the un­luck­i­est Tory in Scot­land? Last year he drew the short straw af­ter a dead heat in the race for a Holy­rood list seat. Last week he failed to get elected as MP for Ed­in­burgh North and Leith – and missed out on be­ing sub­sti­tuted into Holy­rood or Brus­sels as Miles Briggs MSP and Ian Dun­can MEP nar­rowly failed to win West­min­ster seats.

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