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Fu­ri­ous Frank’s own goal


I’VE heard of celebrity cou­ples stag­ger­ing their ar­rival at events, but rarely do they leave sep­a­rately as it hints at dishar­mony. But for­mer Eng­land foot­baller Frank Lam­pard had no such qualms about storm­ing away from the Nextspon­sored Glam­our Awards with­out his wife Chris­tine Bleak­ley.

The pair had posed on the red car­pet, right, but later a stern-look­ing Frank was seen leav­ing the West Lon­don bash in a hurry while pal Dan Bald­win tried to pull him back, as my pic­ture shows. Chris­tine and Dan’s wife, This Morn­ing pre­sen­ter Holly Wil­loughby, left in a taxi, set­ting tongues wag­ging about a pos­si­ble fall­ing out.

How­ever, Frank’s spokesman stressed that all was well in the Lam­pard house­hold that night. Still, I’d say rush­ing off in an un­gentle­manly fash­ion is a bit of an own goal, Frank.

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