The Scottish Mail on Sunday

There’s not a minute to waste


LOOK­ING at each sec­ond of the day, it is as­ton­ish­ing how much ac­tu­ally takes place.

For ex­am­ple, in a sec­ond more than 10,450 Coca-Co­las are con­sumed, there are 47,263 Google searches, 2,366,333 emails are sent and 5,000,000 ants born.

In five sec­onds, 10,065lb of ed­i­ble food is thrown away in the USA, 70 trees are felled in rain­forests, and a bee flaps its wings 1,350 times.

Dur­ing any ten sec­onds, some­one is in­volved in a fa­tal car crash, a new gun is man­u­fac­tured, a job is lost and we kill 30 sharks.

Every minute, Nike earns £28,642 and some­one work­ing in a Nike fac­tory in Viet­nam makes less than a penny. Amer­i­cans will con­sume 21,000 slices of pizza, while 18 peo­ple will die of star­va­tion else­where.

Every hour, we greet 15,000 new ba­bies to the world, 60 peo­ple com­mit sui­cide, 90,000 chick­ens will be killed and 183,000 peo­ple have sex.

In a whole day, mean­while, 50tril­lion cells in your body will die and be re­placed, while the Earth will be hit by light­ning 8.6mil­lion times.

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