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‘If I hear that voice of yours again, I’ll break your neck!’

- Leicester · Austria · Robert B. Sherman · Belgium · Nick Park

THE pre­view of The Wrong Trousers in Le­ices­ter Square in 1993 had an in­vited au­di­ence, mainly of all the peo­ple like me who had worked on the film.

I was sit­ting in the same row as Nick Park, who cre­ated Wal­lace and Gromit. We were chat­ting away be­fore the cur­tain went up, when a guy turned round and looked at me and said: ‘Peter Sal­lis?’ ‘Yes, hello,’ I replied. He said: ‘If I hear that voice of yours once more, I’ll break your bloody neck!’

Crikey Moses, Gromit! It turned out to be the prin­ci­pal an­i­ma­tor for Wal­lace, who had spent months on end in a stu­dio, mak­ing good­ness knows how many tiny ad­just­ments to the Plas­ticine fig­ures to match my di­a­logue as Wal­lace.

He might hear me say­ing ‘What, no cheese, Gromit?’ over and over again, while he ad­justed my face and arms and legs to fit the words, so I could see his point.

For­tu­nately for me, Wal­lace and Gromit he didn’t break my bloody neck – which re­ally would have been hard cheese.

 ??  ?? Sal­lis with his al­ter ego Wal­lace
Sal­lis with his al­ter ego Wal­lace

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