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Eat your­self ul­tra-sim­ple 10-point plan


Eat­ing well is about a holis­tic view, not fo­cus­ing on a sin­gle com­po­nent like calo­ries or carbs. To get started, here are my top healthy-eat­ing tips:

1 Lis­ten to your body. If you are hun­gry, eat… but not be­cause the clock says it’s meal time.

2 Cut out pro­cessed food and drinks. Know what you eat.

3 Drink eight glasses of wa­ter a day. Keep­ing hy­drated sup­ports all your or­gans.

4 Try to eat not five or ten, but seven por­tions of fruit and veg­eta­bles a day.

5 On your plate, your pile of veg should be large, pro­tein (chicken, meat, fish, legumes) mid­dle-sized and car­bo­hy­drates (brown rice, pota­toes – not fried – brown pasta) should be the small­est.

6 One or two treats a week isn’t go­ing to kill you. But if you are go­ing to have a piece of cake, make it home­made.

7 Fast for 12 hours at night so your body has time to re­boot. If you eat break­fast at 7am, don’t eat din­ner later than 7pm.

8 Try not to eat on the run. Sit at the ta­ble and en­joy meals.

9 Ev­ery­thing you feed your body will have an ef­fect. It’s your choice whether that ef­fect is neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive.

10 Love your­self enough to eat a healthy diet. Please. I am liv­ing proof that it works.

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