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Po­lice must be armed to fight ter­ror­ist threat

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Af­ter the ter­ror out­rage at Lon­don Bridge and Bor­ough Mar­ket, the time has come for po­lice to rou­tinely carry arms. For­get what those who do not have to face armed ter­ror­ists say. Vir­tu­ally every coun­try in the world has armed of­fi­cers. Po­lice should not have to face a crim­i­nal or ter­ror­ist with just a ba­ton.

I was a marks­man in the Royal Navy and car­ried arms at times, but this did not mean I went around shoot­ing peo­ple.

How many peo­ple are go­ing to be killed or in­jured be­fore our po­lice of­fi­cers on the beat can carry firearms? Ter­ence Matthews, Up­min­ster, Es­sex Can any­one please tell me what use an un­armed po­lice of­fi­cer is any longer? Not only can he or she not pro­tect the pub­lic, they can­not pro­tect them­selves, as re­cent events have shown. The clear and present dan­ger from Is­lamic ter­ror­ism is not go­ing away, no mat­ter how many songs we sing and can­dles we light af­ter each new atroc­ity. Peter Rea, Ke­nil­worth Af­ter the bar­baric scenes at Lon­don Bridge and Bor­ough Mar­ket, one of my daugh­ters said: ‘Dad, why would any­one have kids th­ese days?’ It’s a scary world. I know how she feels.

Af­ter the at­tacks, Theresa May praised the po­lice. It’s a pity she didn’t praise them a bit more in her ten­ure as Home Sec­re­tary. Then per­haps she would not have cut their num­bers, and eroded their pay and con­di­tions, thus leav­ing us all at risk. Peter Bryant, Rams­gate, Kent It beg­gars be­lief that our coun­try sends bil­lions of pounds in over­seas aid, yet in­vest­ing in ad­e­quate pro­tec­tion for our peo­ple is some­how not a pri­or­ity. No ex­pense should be spared with re­gard to the se­cu­rity and safety of our own peo­ple. Ruth Pe­berdy, Stawell, Som­er­set David Cameron was blamed on last week’s Let­ters page for the rise of ter­ror­ism in the UK. But what about ‘Te­flon Tony’, who took us into wars many years ear­lier with his pack of lies around weapons of mass de­struc­tion? John Roberts, Brad­ford Isn’t it about time se­nior Mus­lim cler­ics in this coun­try put out a fatwa on th­ese so-called Is­lamist ter­ror­ists, or are they too fright­ened to do so? Tony Pusey, Hel­ston, Corn­wall Ter­ror­ists’ warped in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Is­lam must be rooted out by Mus­lim lead­ers and com­mu­ni­ties. Nick Fletcher, Mal­ton, North York­shire

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