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Tex­ting mums put chil­dren in dan­ger


Par­ents th­ese days don’t let their chil­dren do many of the po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous things that my gen­er­a­tion did when we were small.

I’m think­ing of ac­tiv­i­ties such as climb­ing trees, rac­ing down hills in home-made carts, and walk­ing up and down on rick­ety wooden stilts.

And many won’t let their chil­dren ex­pe­ri­ence fail­ure, roam freely, watch any­thing scary on tele­vi­sion, or play out­side un­fet­tered.

There are so many ways in which chil­dren to­day are com­par­a­tively mol­ly­cod­dled, when their ex­pe­ri­ences are help up along­side those of gen­er­a­tions past.

So it trou­bles me as to why th­ese par­ents think that it’s OK to talk or text on their mo­bile phones when they’re at the wheel of a mov­ing car, with their chil­dren sit­ting in the back.

I see th­ese peo­ple (mostly women) driv­ing their chil­dren to school when I’m on my way to work every morn­ing.

I’d love to know how th­ese peo­ple jus­tify what they’re do­ing. Sue Wild­ing, Scar­bor­ough

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