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Why do ba­bies’ eyes of­ten change from blue to brown?

‘This phe­nom­e­non is more com­mon in Cau­casian ba­bies,’ says con­sul­tant eye sur­geon Al­lon Barsam, of Oph­thalmic Con­sul­tants of Lon­don.

‘Lev­els of melanin, the pig­ment which gives eyes their colour, in­crease grad­u­ally af­ter birth, lead­ing to baby-blue eyes turn­ing green or hazel or brown.’

We in­herit a mix­ture of eye colour from our par­ents: the genes for darker colours tend to dom­i­nate, so brown tends to win out over green, and green tends to win out over blue.

Mr Barsam adds: ‘By about the age of one, you will know the child’s de­fin­i­tive eye colour.’

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