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Knifeman ‘urged me to behead my parents’

- By Abul Taher and Duncan Gardham

THE ex-girlfriend of terrorist knifeman Sudesh Amman says his attack brought back memories of their traumatic relationsh­ip – including that he urged her to behead her parents.

The woman, who comes from a devout Christian family of Zimbabwean origin, converted to Islam when they were together.

She said: ‘I was trying to put everything behind me and I thought I was getting my life back, but then this happened. I am back to square one.

‘I had recovered from the past and now it’s like open wounds that need to re-heal.’

Amman was shot dead by police marksmen last Sunday after going berserk with a knife in Streatham, South London, despite being under surveillan­ce by security services.

There was fury when it emerged that, despite concern he might launch an attack, Amman had been released from prison only ten days earlier after serving only half of a 40-month term for possessing and disseminat­ing terrorist material.

It can now be revealed police and MI5 stepped up surveillan­ce days before his rampage because they suspected he was trying to make a bomb at his bail hostel.

The alert was triggered by Amman’s visit to the Low Price hardware store on Streatham High Road two days before his attack, when he examined materials that could be used to make a crude device.

He returned to the store on the day of the attack and stole the knife he used to stab two people.

The 20-year-old, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, was shot dead within 60 seconds.

Amman met the 21-year-old woman, whom we are not naming, on the internet. Both were fans of online games such as Call Of

Duty and they dated for a year before he was arrested in 2018.

Sources say she was groomed by Amman, who persuaded her to convert and then bombarded her with videos produced by the Islamic State terror group.

One entitled For The Sake Of Allah showed beheadings, mass shootings and terrorist attacks in Western countries. In a message, Amman also told her to behead her ‘kuffar parents’ because they were Christians.

Highlighti­ng the risks of being indoctrina­ted, she said: ‘Girls may be facing the same issue. My words could send a warning.’

 ??  ?? SHOT DEAD: Terrorist Sudesh Amman
SHOT DEAD: Terrorist Sudesh Amman

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