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One day YOU will face a mad knifeman


WELL, the policy of treating mad knife attackers as political and religious fanatics is not working. Still these crimes keep coming, and even squads of trained officers just yards away cannot stop them.

Only a Babylonian tyranny can lock people up for ever. And only crummy Third World countries change the law retroactiv­ely, a desperate and despicable policy which will rot what is left of our liberty and make us no safer.

In any case, are we paying attention? Are we even thinking? Many of us will face a crazy person with a knife, but in most cases this will have precisely nothing to do with terrorism or Islam.

In the year ending March 2019, there were about 47,000 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument. In London alone, knife crime is at a record high with 15,023 offences in a year. The London tally does not even include offences of knife possession. But it does include 79 attempted murders as well as 63 homicides and 4,855 assaults using a blade. There were also 164 knifepoint rapes or sexual assaults and 812 threats to kill using a blade. All that real terror, and almost none of it due to ‘extremism’.

Whereas can anyone explain to me how knifing a cyclist in Streatham High Road in any way advances the cause of Islamic State or Al Qaeda? No, you can’t. It’s futile by any measure. These people are off their heads.

So why is there so much more knife violence? As most of these cases go virtually unreported, we do not know. But I think we get a pretty good clue from the supposedly Islamist cases, such as last Sunday’s in Streatham. I knew as soon as I heard the news that Sudesh Amman would probably have a record for marijuana, and so he did. I knew he would be a chaotic, disturbed, mad person. And so he was. His schoolfell­ows said: ‘At parties he was always in the garden smoking weed’ … ‘He was very weird and everyone thought he was strange. He stuck out like a sore thumb… He was always smoking weed.’

There are people like this in most schools in the country, including ones near you.

Their numbers grow weekly as our increasing­ly useless and politicise­d police defy the democratic will of Parliament and refuse to enforce the drug possession laws.

If you really want these horrible events to be reduced and stopped, enforce the drug laws. They do it in Japan, and I can’t begin to tell you how much more civilised it is than modern Britain.

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