The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Cash tight – but not for Indy bid


SO, last week’s Scottish Budget – overshadow­ed by the man who wasn’t there – has shown the SNP’s real priorities. Councils receiving only half the uplift they requested, the police federation furious at being the second largest force in the UK yet handed only the sort of money to fix crumbling stations ‘of a small English county’, while drug and alcohol campaigner­s were so upset that the head of one Scottish recovery charity called for the public health minister to resign. Where was there more money? Well, an extra £4 million of taxpayers’ cash was going to go towards boosting the case for independen­ce, including increasing propaganda. The SNP wants to behave like the country is independen­t already, with globetrott­ing diplomacy and overseas aid, by adding millions to the internatio­nal affairs budget – despite such powers being reserved. Shameless.

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