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Brave Brabin shrugs off ‘Shoulderga­te’ hoo-ha


FAIR play to Labour MP Tracy Brabin. The shadow culture minister took pelters last week for wearing an off-the-shoulder dress to the Commons.

The frock slipped down slightly as Ms Brabin leaned over the dispatch box due to a broken ankle, but all modesty was preserved.

Cue much clutching of pearls, harrumphin­g and enough newsprint to sink a battleship, with the tone flecked by misogyny and snobbery in equal measure. The topic was even discussed on Question Time.

Well, undeterred, Ms Brabin has put the dress up for auction, with all proceeds going to Girlguidin­g. Bids had reached more than £14,000 yesterday.

So shocking was the attire that retailer ASOS has now completely sold out of all stock!

 ??  ?? DRESS SLIP: Tracy Brabin
DRESS SLIP: Tracy Brabin

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