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It’s drag queen story time... at the British Library


WITH her plunging cleavage, huge hair and figure-hugging outfits, Alyssa Van Delle is hardly the typical demure librarian.

But the drag queen will be appearing at the British Library in London at a story time event for children. The sessions will be part of a family day being held at the Library during this month’s half-term holiday week – with the ‘hot’ performer promising to leave audiences ‘gagging for more’. The publicly funded institutio­n – whose boss is ex-BBC executive Roly Keating – has organised several ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ sessions.

They are arranged with a group which says it is committed to offering children ‘glamorous, positive and unabashedl­y queer role models’.

The sessions have been criticised by parents, who argue it is not appropriat­e to expose impression­able primary-age children to drag acts.

But the Library has hit back, saying the events encourage children to learn tolerance and inclusiven­ess.

One parent said in an email: ‘Please can you tell me how you have come to the conclusion that an adult man dressed in hyper-sexualised female clothing is appropriat­e entertainm­ent for children?’ Another said drag ‘has no place in libraries’.

The Library said it was ‘delighted’ to have drag queens at its family day.

A spokesman added: ‘The British Library is open to everyone and stands with those who oppose discrimina­tion in all forms.’

 ??  ?? ROW: Alyssa Van Delle
ROW: Alyssa Van Delle

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