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Downtown New York? No, it’s Manchester rebuilt for The Crown


IT WAS an era-defining moment that transforme­d attitudes to Aids and endeared a British

Princess to the world.

Now Princess Diana’s history-making 1989 visit to New York’s Harlem district is being recreated for Netflix’s The Crown.

As these pictures show, the producers have gone to huge trouble to evoke the Manhattan of 30 years ago – on a film set in Manchester.

Emma Corrin, who plays the Princess of Wales, was spotted preparing to shoot scenes for the fourth series, which will be screened later this year.

To lend the city’s Northern Quarter an American feel, the props department has erected US-style blue mail boxes, traffic lights and graffiti.

A building on Dale Street has also been turned into the Henry Street Settlement – a halfway house for homeless families Diana saw as part of her three-day visit.

During a trip to Harlem Hospital, she embraced children who had contracted AIDS as a result of their mothers’ drug use.

 ??  ?? CONVINCING: Filming in Manchester and, right, Corrin as Diana
CONVINCING: Filming in Manchester and, right, Corrin as Diana

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