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KYPHOSIS is the delightful medical name given to an overpronou­nced curve and abnormal rounding in the upper back – often, my older female clients complain of the problem, and sometimes it’s rather unkindly referred to as a dowager’s hump. We often slump forward, particular­ly if we spend much time at a desk. But without perfect posture, even carrying shopping bags can result in pulling the upper spine down. One way to combat this is by regularly carrying out mobility exercises. And this is one of the best to combat kyphosis.

On a soft surface, such as a carpet, kneel with your bottom on your heels. If this is difficult, pop a pillow under your ankles.

Now let your body fold forwards from the waist. Aim to touch your forehead on the floor, with your arms stretched in front of you as straight as possible. Aim to keep your bottom on your feet the whole time. Relax, and take a few deep breaths. Stay here for as long as you like, feeling the gentle stretch throughout the body.

If this is easy, take it up a notch by doing the move in front of a step. Instead of resting your hands on the floor in front of you, put them up on to the step, while your forehead is still on the floor. The upper back stretch will be more intense.

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