The Scottish Mail on Sunday

My old energy provider owes me £233 – why won’t it pay?


Ms P.K. writes: I switched from Together Energy to a different supplier and there is a credit balance due to me of £233 or £224 (I am being messed about over the exact sum). I have been chasing this refund for six months but have been fobbed off at every turn.

TOGETHER Energy told me it is extremely sorry. When you contacted the company about switching supplier, it gave you an estimated bill, but industry rules mean a refund can only be provided once a final bill has been issued and not just an estimate.

You did, in fact, give Together Energy a final, accurate meter reading. The company told me: ‘A bill should have been produced, but unfortunat­ely we failed to do this.’ Well, it has now done it. You have a final bill, showing a credit of £232 in your favour and this has been paid to you.

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