The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Act now or UK will become a cesspit too


Last week I read about the homeless situation in

San Francisco.

Judging from the scenario described, it would probably require a military operation to remove the thousands of people living in their cars or tents on the pavements there.

And where would they put them all? Here in the UK, we can look at the situation in San Francisco, where parts of the city are turning into lawless and unsanitary no-go areas, and see the future for our own cities if we do nothing and don’t implement policies that will help both the homeless and our urban areas.

We have a Government planning to waste more than

£80 billion on a fast train. Yet a fraction of that amount could be spent on work programmes and mental health support that would help those down on their luck.

Some of that money could also be spent on more rehabilita­tion facilities.

Addicts could be given the choice of cleaning up in one of these, or going to prison. Alan Aitchison, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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