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Will this new runway ever take off?


China has built 100 airports since the idea of building a third runway at Heathrow was mooted in

Britain two decades ago.

In 1971, my final-year project as a civil engineerin­g student was on the crossings of the River Mersey between Widnes and Runcorn. At the time, a second road bridge was already in the early design stages. I was retired before it got built. Frank Proe, Cheshire

In your ‘Brexit: New Dawn’ coverage about plans for infrastruc­ture, it was claimed that Boris Johnson had ‘backed HS2 seven months ago’. I think he should use his winning touch at popular votes to put the matter to the people, and we should have our say on future rail services in a referendum. J. Stone, Chigwell Row, Essex

If HS2 is given the go-ahead, it will be the Concorde of the railways, a premium service for the rich.

The only working-class people on these shiny new trains will be the stewards and stewardess­es. And what’s the betting that the executives will use the time saved on their high-speed journeys to enjoy an extra-long lunch in the boardroom? Sean Gallagher, Erdington, Birmingham

Isn’t it clear by now that we just can’t do big projects? Just look at the mess of Crossrail. J. Bowden, Swindon

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