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Shamed Mackay is unfit for office and he has to go

I’m not elderly – I’m senior


The creepy messages sent by Finance Secretary Derek Mackay to a 16-year-old boy should be investigat­ed by the police.

MSPs occupy a unique position of trust. It is not only their profession­al lives that must adhere to the highest standards. If they choose not to remain within the bounds of law and decency, then they are no longer trustworth­y and should resign.

There is little doubt the SNP party machine will be working to minimise the fallout. Hopefully the party hierarchy will encourage Mr Mackay to appreciate that his continued presence in Holyrood would not be welcomed by voters. Graham Wyllie, Greengairs, Lanarkshir­e

With the resignatio­n of Derek McKay as Finance Secretary, there is an urgent need for all political parties to look at their selection procedures for candidates. They must ensure they meet the highest standards and are fit for public service.

It seems the SNP has had its unfair share of shamed politician­s who have brought the party and our political system into disrepute.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should now undertake a root and branch investigat­ion of all her party’s politician­s. Such an inquiry would help her recover some credibilit­y with the electorate. Dennis Forbes Grattan, Aberdeen

With reference to your article last week about how the Royal College of Nursing now advises nurses to avoid using the word ‘pensioners’, I object to being referred to as an ‘elderly person’ or an ‘older person’, suggested alternativ­es.

What is wrong with the word ‘senior’ for anyone over 65? It suits me and offends no one. M. Bates, Southport

‘Women’ is now preferred to ‘ladies’. If a nurse said, ‘Good morning, women’, I would smack her with a cardboard bedpan. A. Travis Tomlinson, St Albans

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