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- By Nik Simon

EDDIE JONES watched his men reclaim the Calcutta Cup and then laid into the Scottish yob who threw a beer bottle at his right-hand man.

Jones lashed out at the ‘disrespect­ful’ Murrayfiel­d crowd, who consistent­ly booed his players in the atrocious conditions in Edinburgh.

But the England coach (below) was particular­ly annoyed with the supporter who aimed the bottle at the head of high-performanc­e coach Neil Craig as the team were getting off the bus.

It was launched at Craig from a 15-metre high gantry, but the Australian was unhurt.

‘We weren’t expecting beer bottles to be thrown, that’s a new trick,’ said Jones. ‘It’s a pretty good achievemen­t. You’ve got to be brave to throw a beer bottle.’

Asked if he would make a formal complaint, Jones added: ‘It’s not going to do anything, is it? Everybody knows about it, so someone can do something about it.

‘Rugby did have a culture of respect.

‘If that’s how the

Scottish fans will be respectful, then we have to acknowledg­e it and get on with it.’ An SRU spokespers­on said: ‘An empty, plastic bottle landed near the team bus as England arrived. All the England players had already entered the stadium at that point.

‘The matter was raised with the England team manager pre-match by a member of Scottish Rugby staff and an apology extended. There is no evidence the bottle was thrown or intended to hit any individual.’

Winds in excess of 50mph battered Murrayfiel­d throughout, resulting in a dire spectacle.

But Jones cocked a snook at his critics, including former England centre Kyran Bracken, who had called for the Australian to be sacked during the week.

Ellis Genge’s 70th-minute try was the decisive moment in a lottery of a game, while Owen Farrell kicked a conversion and two penalties.

Farrell swatted aside the torrent of booing as he took his kicks, stating aftewards: ‘It shouldn’t affect me. I will stick to my process which hopefully I do more than not.’

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