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Two in three women on show have had fair hair – twice the UK average


EIGHT of the 12 female contestant­s who have so far appeared on the current series of Love Island are blonde – double the proportion of women with fair hair in Britain.

While about 35 per cent of women in the UK have either natural or dyed blonde hair, two-thirds of those on the ITV reality show have been blonde.

Indeed, since the series was launched in 2015, 53 of the 99 female contestant­s – or 53.5 per cent – have had blonde locks.

Brunettes made up 33.3 per cent of the women in the Love Island villas, while 13 were ethnicmino­rity contestant­s.

Although the current series has the highest proportion of blondes, the first had seven blondes, three brunettes and only one non-white star.

Season four had a ten blondes out of a total of 19 women – with just one non-white competitor.

In last year’s series, there were six blondes, six brunettes and one ethnic-minority contestant.

But the voting public don’t appear to prefer blondes. In the first six series, three female winners had brunette hair, two were blondes and one was mixed-race.

It is not known what proportion of Britain’s blondes are naturally that colour, but almost two out of five women who decide to dye their hair choose the colour.

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