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E-scooter tragedy was inevitable


UNTIL now, we’ve been able, more or less, to feel safe on pavements, on footpaths and in parks. Yes, I know about illegal cycling, but pushbikes cannot go at 60mph and don’t have engines. And in any case, you couldn’t ban bicycles if you wanted to.

But a horrible event in a London park last week warns us that we must act swiftly or we can kiss that safety goodbye.

A three-year-old girl was seriously injured on Monday, suffering severe and lasting injuries after what we must call a ‘collision’ with an electric scooter.

If Government plans to relax the present ban on e-scooters go ahead, these nasty bonebreaki­ng toys, usually ridden by idiots, will swarm everywhere.

Another toddler was recently badly hurt in a similar event in Feltham, West London. Hardly a week goes by without an e-scooter rider being hurt or killed. E-scooters are inherently dangerous to their users and to the public. A survey last week predicted 200,000 e-scooter accidents this year alone.

There is no good reason to make them legal, and many to keep the ban on them. Please, while there is time, write to your MP and to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. Only huge numbers of such letters can stop this predictabl­e tragedy from happening.

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