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Trans debate gets voice of reason


ENCOURAGIN­G signs that the tide is beginning to turn in the ongoing ‘Terf’ warfare between trans activists and those of us who, while deeply sympatheti­c to the rights of trans people, are equally determined to preserve those of women and girls.

Baroness Jenkin last week spoke out about why she no longer believes in Government proposals to change the law on self-identifica­tion so that anyone who merely states they feel they are the opposite sex must be accorded the rights of the sex they choose.

No surgery, no hormones, no gender dysphoria diagnosis required – a move that could have serious repercussi­ons for vulnerable women, particular­ly in places like jails, where there have been several incidences of trans women abusing their rights. Jenkin’s interventi­on is significan­t because she has in the past been lauded for her work on gender equality by groups such as Stonewall, the once highly respected gay rights organisati­on, whose chief executive, Nancy Kelley, likened ‘gender-critical’ beliefs (that is to say, the belief that biological sex cannot fundamenta­lly be changed) to antisemiti­sm.

Brave of Jenkin to stand up to the bullies – and good to have a voice like hers on the side of reason in this maddest of modern debates.

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