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IT WILL probably come as no surprise to you to learn that I’ve put my nightclubb­ing days behind me. As a mother-of-two and a GP in her 40s, I wasn’t among the revellers dancing the night away last week, after clubs were allowed to reopen.

If I were 21 again, would I have been there? Perhaps. Do I think it was possibly not the wisest of things to be doing right now? Maybe. But I certainly wasn’t going to join in the tutting and judging that seemed to go on endlessly on social media.

In fact I found it quite sad, and reflective of the meanminded, net-curtain-twitching attitude that seems to have become worryingly commonplac­e over the past year.

Younger people have been affected disproport­ionately by the pandemic. Their education has been stunted. They’ve lost their jobs and seen their finances decimated.

They have also opted, in their millions, to be vaccinated against a virus that’s unlikely to harm them. And once vaccine passports come into force, anyone wanting to go clubbing will need to have had a jab.

Just to be clear: they were breaking no rules last week. They can’t be blamed for living their lives, or for the pandemic.

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