The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Baffled by a barrage of experts


WE ARE in the midst of an epidemic – of experts.

They’re on TV and the radio, in the newspapers and online day in, day out – for the past year and half we’ve been bombarded by often conflictin­g scientific opinions.

Even I, as a doctor, find it baffling, sifting through it all – particular­ly as it often contradict­s and, I’d argue, sometimes even undermines official guidance.

I’ve lost count of the times a patient has sat in my clinic and said they simply don’t know what to think or do any more, as they seem to be constantly reading differing things.

These experts are doubtless well-meaning, and I wouldn’t want to censor anyone, but scientists would do well to remember that by having these debates so publicly, they might also be creating distrust.

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