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Why is there such a buzz about..?

- Neil Armstrong

‘I just wanted to steal enough money to adopt a child,’ says Karls Monzon, and it sounds like the starting point for an entire Netflix drama. In fact, Monzon was the mastermind of a real-life heist that netted $7.4million and is the subject of one of three truecrime stories in this six-part series.

Each story is told in two parts; the first detailing the planning and execution of a robbery, the second showing how things went wrong in the aftermath. The series uses elaborate reconstruc­tions as well as interviews with some of the key players.

The first is about Heather Tallchief

(Emree Franklin, above) who, with her boyfriend, stole $3million from an armoured van. The second is about Monzon who, with family members and deeply unpleasant criminals, seized a shipment of money from Miami airport. The third is about a ‘notorious liquor heist’ in which 18 barrels and 300 bottles, some containing very rare bourbon, were stolen.

The films are pacy and entertaini­ng, although some viewers might feel uneasy about the crooks being romanticis­ed as charismati­c outlaws. There is eventually a message that crime doesn’t pay, but it seems to be a conclusion reached only reluctantl­y.

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