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Taken: Hunting The Sex Trafficker­s


Channel 4, 9pm

It's extremely grim viewing, but this continuing series following a vast police investigat­ion into sex traffickin­g provides a vital picture of the horrific reality for thousands of women who are being exploited virtually in plain sight in ‘pop-up' brothels across the country.

A surveillan­ce operation is gradually tightening the noose around seeming kingpin Mark Viner, who officers (right) believe may be responsibl­e for human traffickin­g. Yet it will still need vast amounts of painstakin­g work and ingenuity to provide the proof needed to put Viner and his associates behind bars.

Meanwhile, the police check on the trafficked women to ensure their wellbeing: their tales of being raped and forced into prostituti­on to pay for the upkeep of their children thousands of miles away are just heartbreak­ing. ★★★★★

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