The Scottish Mail on Sunday’s certainly working for Simon and Rebecca


SIMON and Rebecca Kimber were ‘couplepren­eurs’ before the term became trendy. They started, a web design and hosting service in Brighton, East Sussex, almost 20 years ago.

The couple, who met at a web design agency, started working together as it made sense to combine their complement­ary skills.

‘We have different areas of expertise and individual personalit­y traits,’ says Simon, 42. ‘This creates a balanced approach to our business as we’re comfortabl­e to challenge but also naturally support each other.’

Flexibilit­y is another benefit. As they have equal roles, they’ve been able to share looking after their home and children Daniel, 14, Sam, 11 and Emily, four. ‘Simon may drop them to school and I’ll pick them up,’ says Rebecca, 41. ‘It’s all about communicat­ion and on normal days our routines help things go smoothly.’ That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges – particular­ly during the lockdowns – but they wouldn’t change it for anything. ‘The best thing is we’re working on something we both feel passionate about,’ says Simon.

 ??  ?? TEAM: Simon and Rebecca Kimber
TEAM: Simon and Rebecca Kimber

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