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Stuttering start...but now look at Emily


In last week’s Mail on Sunday, Emily Blunt (left) revealed that acting helped her overcome a stutter.

It’s fascinatin­g how many brilliant actors once had speech difficulti­es. For example, James Earl Jones and Sam Neill both used to stutter, and Oscarwinne­r Mark Rylance literally didn’t speak until he was six years old. It’s very inspiring.

I. Brown, Manchester

I’m now 51 and have had a stutter from the age of three. It still causes me anxiety on a daily basis. Thank you to Emily for going public about the challenges she has faced.

H. Moore, London

Something about Emily Blunt is very likeable. Maybe it’s the fact that she isn’t on social media. Or that she’s part of a famous married couple but we don’t know the ins and outs of their relationsh­ip or life with their two daughters.

There’s none of the oversharin­g and showing-off that’s so common with celebritie­s these days.

Beth Lawson, Hampshire

I’m the same as Emily – if I change my tone of voice or talk in an accent, then I don’t stutter. I think some people who don’t have a stutter fail to realise how frustratin­g and embarrassi­ng stuttering can be, especially when you’re an adult.

Gryff Parker, Adelaide, South Australia

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