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How City fought to delay the League’s inquiry at every turn


MAY 16, 2014: Manchester City are found guilty of breaching UEFA rules around

Financial Fair Play (FFP). They are fined €60m (later reduced to €20m) and given short-term caps on squad size and spending. NOVEMBER 5, 2018: ‘Football Leaks’ documents, published by German magazine Der Spiegel, allege that City have committed further FFP rules violations.

NOVEMBER 23, 2018: UEFA begin to examine the allegation­s in Der Spiegel. DECEMBER 2018: The Premier League write to the club requesting certain informatio­n and documents in relation to potential breaches of their rules — known as the informatio­n claim. City object to the request. MARCH 7/8, 2019: UEFA and then the Premier League announce formal investigat­ions into City’s alleged FFP breaches. AUGUST 21, 2019: PL issue a complaint against City, seeking disclosure of the documents and informatio­n. The club challenges the PL’s disciplina­ry system, claiming the commission set up is not sufficient­ly independen­t or impartial.


2019: With the documents and informatio­n not forthcomin­g, the PL begin arbitratio­n against the club seeking a declaratio­n that they are contractua­lly obliged to provide them. The club try to stop the arbitratio­n by arguing to the tribunal involved that the PL had no power to start it. They also claim that the tribunal does not appear impartial. FEBRUARY 14, 2020: UEFA ban

City from the Champions League for two seasons and fine them €30m for

FFP violations.

JUNE 2, 2020: The tribunal rejects the challenge to its jurisdicti­on and impartiali­ty.

JUNE 26, 2020: City issue an applicatio­n in the Commercial Court repeating their argument that the tribunal lacks jurisdicti­on on the informatio­n claim and is tainted with apparent bias.

JULY 13, 2000: The Champions

League ban is overturned on appeal to the Court of Arbitratio­n for Sport. The UEFA fine is reduced to €10m for non-cooperatio­n with the ruling body’s investigat­ion.

NOVEMBER 2, 2020: Meanwhile, the arbitratio­n continues and the club’s argument for not having to pass on the requested informatio­n and documents are rejected. The order to provide them is postponed pending the outcome of the Commercial Court case.

MARCH 17, 2021: In the Commercial Court, Mrs Justice Moulder dismisses the club’s challenge to the jurisdicti­on and impartiali­ty of the tribunal. She refuses permission to appeal her judgment.

MARCH 24, 2021: The judge says her judgment should be published, which would reveal the lengths to which City have attempted to resist passing on informatio­n to the PL. City successful­ly seek permission to appeal that decision in the Court of Appeal.

MAY 12, 2021: The Mail on Sunday writes to City and the Premier

League asking to be shown details of the the Mrs Justice Moulder’s judgment, including both sides’ arguments, in the interests of open justice and to determine whether the newspaper should intervene on the club’s appeal. The newspaper is prepared to guarantee nothing is published, but the requests are refused.

JUNE 30, 2021: The Court of Appeal opens its hearing into the club’s appeal against publicatio­n. The Mail on Sunday sends a barrister to court and is given last-minute permission to attend.

JULY 20, 2021: The Court of Appeal hands down its decision dismissing the appeal.

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