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Joint World Cup bid a top priority for SFA president


SFA PRESIDENT Rod Petrie hopes the trouble that marred the Euro 2020 Final at Wembley will not ruin Scotland’s hopes of co-hosting the 2030 World Cup.

A joint bid between the four nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland is being prepared ahead of the centenary edition of FIFA’s global competitio­n.

Having successful­ly staged four matches at the Euros, Petrie believes Scotland is well placed to contribute to a World Cup bid but images of ticketless fans forcing their way into Wembley for the final between England and Italy brought an unedifying conclusion to this summer’s tournament. ‘There are incidents at games from time to time,’ said Petrie in the wake of an unremarkab­le SFA annual general meeting. ‘I don’t think there would be World Cup games where there would be 20-30,000 empty seats inside and supporters would have that knowledge.

‘There were incidents but it’s not for me to comment — it’s up to the authoritie­s to investigat­e thoroughly and properly.

‘They will take whatever action is appropriat­e as a result of that and, importantl­y, learn lessons.’

Despite being engaged in an ongoing health struggle, Petrie has made the World Cup bid one of the key focuses of his presidency.

He added: ‘We’re still at a feasibilit­y stage where we’re looking at things with our bid partners.

‘There’s collaborat­ion across the five associatio­ns, along with government support from both Westminste­r and Holyrood.

‘We have to be respectful of others who may bid. It’s still quite a way off until FIFA start accepting applicatio­ns.’

 ??  ?? SMILES BETTER: Rod Petrie has recovered from the health worries he suffered over 18 months
SMILES BETTER: Rod Petrie has recovered from the health worries he suffered over 18 months

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