The Scottish Mail on Sunday

‘Majority’ of those dying have had both jabs


THE vast majority of Scots now dying from Covid are fully vaccinated, figures show.

Three quarters of those who died in the most recent week for which data was available had received both doses.

But experts have warned the figures are not a reason to avoid getting vaccinated, as without the jab the death toll would be far higher.

Professor Linda Bauld, a Scottish Government adviser and expert in public health at the University of Edinburgh, said: ‘As more people are double vaccinated there will be a higher proportion of the small

‘No reason for people not to take up vaccines’

overall number of deaths among the double vaccinated. This is to be expected in countries with high vaccinatio­n rates and should not cause alarm – it’s not a reason for people not to take up vaccines.

‘If people didn’t take up vaccines the deaths would be far higher.’

Public Health Scotland does not directly publish weekly figures of vaccinated and unvaccinat­ed deaths. But this paper has calculated in the month up to August 12, 144 out of 236 deaths were of people with both doses, compared with 80 unvaccinat­ed, and 12 with just one dose. The most recent weekly data, to August 12, showed 30 of 41 deaths were of people with both doses, ten were unvaccinat­ed, and one had been given one dose.

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