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SNP researcher is suspended from Commons over tweet ‘advocating armed violence’

Sinister photograph of trans woman carrying assault rif le was posted just a day after MP David Amess was stabbed to death


AN SNP official has been suspended from Westminste­r by the Speaker over a post apparently ‘advocating armed violence’.

The image on social media, of a transgende­r woman at a protest rally armed with an assault rifle, has horrified MPs.

A member of the public saw the image and Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, was contacted, The Scottish Mail on Sunday has learned.

As a result, Sir Lindsay temporaril­y stripped Jonathan Kiehlmann, an SNP researcher working in Westminste­r, of his parliament­ary pass.

The tweet was also referred to the Metropolit­an Police.

It is the latest developmen­t in an increasing­ly toxic civil war within the SNP over changes to the law on gender self-identifica­tion, and its impact on women’s rights.

The image was posted just a day after MP Sir David Amess was fatally stabbed at his constituen­cy surgery in Southend on October 15, an attack that has left all MPs fearing for their safety.

Nationalis­t MP Joanna Cherry has complained of suffering abuse from within the SNP, and being branded ‘transphobi­c’ and a ‘terf’ – trans-exclusiona­ry radical feminist – for her views on gender self-ID.

Dr Kiehlmann retweeted a post saying Antifa (anti-fascist) demonstrat­ors should attend terf meetings. That post was part of a Twitter thread which included a picture of a trans

‘Should lead to dismissal for gross misconduct’

woman, at an Antifa event in the US, armed with an assault rifle.

Ms Cherry, who represents Edinburgh South West, attended a conference last week held by the LGB Alliance – accused by opponents of being a terf organisati­on.

Last night, the SNP was under pressure to take disciplina­ry action against Dr Kiehlmann.

One senior party source said: ‘That he should advocate armed violence against women, especially on the weekend of an MP’s murder, should lead to his dismissal for gross misconduct.’

Another source said Dr Kiehlmann has been ‘vocally criticisin­g’ Ms Cherry, ‘openly and in public’.

Following the death of Sir David, Ali Harbi Ali, 25, is accused of murder and planning terrorist attacks. He will stand trial next year.

Sir David was the second MP in the past five years to be murdered doing their job, after the stabbing of Jo Cox, near her constituen­cy surgery in Yorkshire, in 2016.

MPs and MSPs have received new safety advice from police in recent days, and Home Secretary Priti Patel is considerin­g what additional security is now required.

Dr Kiehlmann has since deleted his retweet of a post by the American activist Emily Gorcenski, who wrote: ‘Proud to see Antifa showing up at TERF events, a thing I’ve been saying for a long time is necessary.’

She then posted a picture of a trans woman at a rally, holding an assault rifle – which Dr Kiehlmann did not retweet – and the words: ‘What every TERF meeting should see when they look out of the window.’

Scottish Conservati­ve MP John Lamont said Mr Kiehlmann’s post was ‘very concerning’, adding: ‘It’s vital that the SNP investigat­es this matter fully as soon as possible.’

A Metropolit­an Police spokesman said: ‘On Monday, October 18, officers from the Parliament­ary and Diplomatic Protection Command received a referral regarding comments posted on social media by a man believed to be aged in his 20s.

‘Officers carried out inquiries and establishe­d that no offences had been committed. All parties have been informed.’

Last night, a lawyer for Dr Kiehlmann said he was not aware of his pass being revoked.

An SNP spokesman said: ‘We are seeking informatio­n and are unable to make an accurate assessment at this stage.’

 ?? ?? INFLAMMATO­RY: SNP researcher Jonny Kiehlmann, left, and the image at the centre of the latest bitter controvers­y over trans versus feminist rights
INFLAMMATO­RY: SNP researcher Jonny Kiehlmann, left, and the image at the centre of the latest bitter controvers­y over trans versus feminist rights

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