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Tune into your body’s needs to work out the right treatment for you… Swedish massage The mother of Western massage, this skin-to-skin treatment usually takes place on a couch and is based around kneading, rolling, friction and percussion techniques.

Best for: overall relaxation. Deep tissue and sports massage Echoing the Swedish format but using deeper pressure, this is designed to help athletes achieve peak performanc­e (ridding muscles of excess lactic acid), while deep tissue can be ideal for chronic pain. Beware: the therapist may work on trigger points using knuckles and elbows.

Best for: labourers, gardeners and sportspeop­le (obviously). Remedial massage A bespoke recipe that blends aspects of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release*, acupressur­e, hot and cold stones, stretching and homecare advice. Best for: chronic or acute conditions such as lower back pain, RSI and IBS. Shiatsu Translatin­g as ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, shiatsu is traditiona­lly applied with the receiver fully clothed, lying on the floor. The therapist works with the body’s meridian points to promote the optimal flow of qi (Chinese for energy). Best for: maintainin­g good health. Shiatsu treats the whole person as opposed to just the symptom. Aromathera­py massage Essential oils are extracted, expressed or distilled from plants and flowers, and added sparingly to carrier oils such as grapeseed, jojoba or almond. See over page. They’re then used with massage to aid anything from headaches to lymph flow.

Best for: switching off with heavenly scents.

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