The Simple Things


All the lovely things in this issue – organised with page numbers to help you find them



Fresh Feelgood fish fingers 7 Proudly homemade Fluffiest pancakes 16 Gathering: Meet, eat, stay Ricotta, minty salsa verde & baby pickled vegetables 26 Braised beef cheeks with chestnuts 27 Creamy polenta 28 Sautéed mushrooms with thyme 28 Bitter greens with lemon vinaigrett­e 29 Poached rhubarb with cardamom meringues 30 Hazelnut brownies 30 Eating well The power of soup 37 Tipple of the month Kumquat gimlet punch 45 Weekend project DIY energy balls 46 Cake in the house Rose and honey cake 53 Tasty trend Skyr 124 A new leaf Pai mu tan tea 125


Wisdom Fashion commentato­r Caryn Franklin 32 A job well done Little Soap Company 50 My day in cups of tea Jewellery designer Joanna Wakefield 54 A poetic pause ‘Full Moon’ by Victoria Sackville-West 75 Ideas Rethinking money 76 Gallery Matt Sewell’s portraits of collective nouns 80 Wellbeing How to feel less anxious 86 What I treasure My grandmothe­r’s bracelet 89 Know a thing or two Massage 91 Home tour Vintage flair in County Durham 98 New tricks Finger finder 124 I used to know that Mrs Gren 126 Identifier Runes 127 Bedtime story ‘Take a Deep Breath’ by Jennifer Ryan 130


Things to want and wish for 8 Book reviews Adventures of a Terribly Greedy Girl, Books for Living, My Garden is a Car Park 11, 13, 14 Maker of the month Anna Wiscombe 11 The Simple Things Mother’s Day gift subscripti­on 12 Shop of the month Radiance lighting 14 Simple style Smocks 22 The Simple Things subscripti­on 44 Best of The Simple Things Anthology 74 The Simple Things chalkboard postcards 90 Oh Comely subscripti­on 95 Home style Chandelier­s 113 Home truths Making tea and coffee 118 Miscellany trio Compact mirrors 124


Things to plan and do 16 Homemade remedies Repairing hair oil 17 Learn something new Tarot 51 Playlist Songs that make you smile 79 Competitio­n Win a luxurious wool bedding set 88 Flowers in the house Crocuses 97 Growing Photograph­ing your garden 106 Weekend project Homemade beauty 114 How to Navigate by the moon 123 How hard can it be… to visit all Tube stops in a day 125 Give it a grow Raspberrie­s 125 Household hints Stop avocado going brown 125


Can we tell you about… Cosy pubs with rooms 18 My City Buenos Aires 58 Weekend away Providence Cottage, Cranbrook, Kent 64 Outing Estuaries 68

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