The Simple Things

My day in cups of tea


- JOANNA WAKEFIELD lives in York and creates jewellery inspired by textiles and haberdashe­ry. Her simple thing is rooting through her grandma’s vintage button box for inspiratio­n. joannawake­

Morning! Tell us a bit about where you wake up.

I live in a mews house, and work from a converted garage underneath my home.

And what’s happening in the mornings?

I have a fresh lemon and ginger in my biggest mug after my energising yoga boost. At 9am I switch on Radio 2 and get cracking. By 10.30am, I’m onto early elevenses – a good, strong Yorkshire tea, stewed a bit, with a splash of milk. I tend to work with more vigour after this tea fix, so I’ll get stuck into something that requires more concentrat­ion, such as soldering. I’m usually starving by 1pm but try to hold out until 2pm as I’m often being productive and I love listening to Jeremy Vine.

Jeremy has finished – how do you spend lunch?

If time allows, I take half an hour to spend with my cat, Mr Earl Grey. By lunch, he’s lunging at my studio door wanting to pester me! While he has his treats, I have something on toast such as avocado, with some lemon juice, salt and pepper, washed down with my last Yorkshire of the day.

And does Earl Grey (the drink, not the cat) feature in your afternoon at all?

Yes, after lunch I have a cup of Earl Grey, or a more tropical tea, with a fruity Thomas’ flapjack. The light is best in my home about this time, so I often nip to my bright spot and snap a few pictures of my work for my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Do you get out and about much?

Getting fresh air is really valuable to me when I’m in my studio all day. Each week, I make sure I get a city centre walk or two for a break from the studio.

It’s been a busy day. Time for bed?

Running a new small business, my evening is usually consumed with emails and admin. But I always give myself some time before bed to relax: I light a candle, unwind, and breathe, and drink some night-time tea from a comforting mug.

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