The Simple Things

My day in cups of tea


- KARA LEIGH FORD makes pottery from her garden studio in Somerset. Find her at karaleighf­ordceramic­ or on Etsy and Folksy. Her simple thing is summer days spent at her favourite Devon beaches.

Good morning, where are you this morning?

In a tiny old blacksmith’s cottage in a hamlet just outside Bath, where I live with my husband and two rescue cats, Flora and Luna. It’s a fantastic little community full or creatives and eccentrics.

And can we get you something to drink?

Coffee! Freshly brewed with a coffee whitener and a spoonful of honey. If I’m feeling righteous, I’ll have a cup of hot water and lemon instead.

Tell us about what you do.

I’m a full-time potter, making pottery and tableware inspired by the Devon coastline where I grew up. I used to have a commute of over an hour, so I really appreciate that my job is now just 10 steps to my studio/shed in my back garden.

So straight to it in the morning?

I’m a night owl, so start quite late at 10am – mornings are spent doing emails and catching up with my order book, then I make in the afternoon.

We’ll get the kettle on and help you get going.

Ooooh, Earl Grey please, with soya milk, no sugar, made in a handmade teapot.

Are all your mugs handmade, too?

I’m trying to replace all my crockery with handmade. As well as making mugs I also collect mugs by other potters. My favourite’s by a Scottish potter called Julia Smith, I love her work.*

What’s for lunch?

Normally homemade soup, or leftovers from last night, eaten it in the company of Radio 6 Music.

What do you like to do to switch off?

I am an Instagram addict. I follow a lot of potters, such as @floriangad­sby, @tortus_ copenhagen and @sarahpikep­ottery. Pottery is such a warm, supportive community, there are very few egos.

Time for one last cuppa before the end of the day. What do you fancy?

A cup of cocoa, snuggled up on the sofa.

* As featured in The Simple Things, issue 47.

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