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Making flower crowns


- Compiled by: FRANCES AMBLER

We’re big fans of the real things, but a little fakery in the floral department can also go a long way – and they last a bit longer, too. So we’ve gathered together a few hints and projects for creating your own paper petals: from making basic blooms to a floral headdress as well as a giant flower, great for a decorative flourish.

Erin Hung (right) is our enthusiast­ic guide to the basic flower-making techniques, which are used to create this Frida Kahlo-inspired paper crown. Erin’s business, BerinMade, began making illustrate­d wedding invites but expanded into different DIY projects for weddings. She’s distilled her knowledge into a new book, Paper Parties, and, as you might expect, is persuasive about working with paper. “It has that unique ability to be moulded and crafted into a lot of different looks,” she says. “It’s the chameleon of craft materials!”

Paper flowers might be made for parties but Erin is keen to promote them for everyday decoration, too. As she explains, “Growing up in different cities, there was barely enough space for a potted plant, much less a garden. But I think interiors need a little touch of nature to feel warm and personal. Paper flowers are so good for that and add that instant pop of colour, too.” Even the crown can be repurposed as cheery décor. Erin advises, “After it’s been worn, the wire stems can be bent inwards and hung like a wreath. Once you master the basic techniques, you can adapt them to different palettes, papers and scales to easily create something with real wowfactor.” We’ve gone big with our giant flower on page 36, but Erin suggests going smaller, too – there’s a tutorial for a delicate daisy-chain choker in her book.

Any more advice for budding paper florists? “Yes!” says Erin. “Get separate scissors for card, paper and other things. Heavy-duty scissors for card, medium scissors with well made handles for paper, and definitely don’t use them to cut tape or hack at wires. There is nothing more frustratin­g than trying to make a clean cut only to find that your scissors are covered in glue, or dented.”

Store them out of direct sunlight – but think of anything that ends up slightly less than pristine as a sign of good party…

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 ??  ?? Paper enthusiast Erin Hung says this floral headdress can double as a decorative wreath
Paper enthusiast Erin Hung says this floral headdress can double as a decorative wreath

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