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Flower crown



YOU WILL NEED: Foil Hot glue gun Green floral wire Scissors White, yellow, fuchsia pink, hot pink, pale pink, purple and green Italian crêpe paper (quantity depends on desired number of flowers) Fringing scissors (optional) Tape measure Green floral tape

1 Make a selection of buds, fringe-centred flowers and bud-centred flowers with petal shapes and colours of your choice, using ‘Bloom Basics’ steps, right. Make more if you fancy a vibrant, playful look, or arrange them more sparsely and use fewer colours for a softer, more romantic feel. Don’t be put off by the quantity of flowers – there are only two types (in varying sizes) and one bud.

2 Measure the circumfere­nce of your head where the crown will sit and make a floral wire circle of the same length. If your floral wire is not long enough, simply connect two pieces by twisting the ends together for about 4cm.

3 Attach the flowers and buds to the crown by laying each stem parallel to the wire crown and wrapping both together with floral tape. Once the flowers are secure, gently turn them to face outwards.

4 When the crown is covered as desired, wrap the entire crown base with floral tape to secure all the flowers together and hide any stray wire or tape.

5 Cut out several pairs of leaf shapes from green crêpe paper. Make sure that the fine grain of the paper runs lengthways along the leaves.

6 Dot a small amount of hot glue into the centre of each pair of leaves, then wrap the leaves around the floral crown to fill any spaces.

Extracted from Paper Parties by Erin Hung (Pavilion, published 11 May)

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