The Simple Things


Two mindful exercises to remind yourself what’s truly important


BEING IMPERFECTL­Y PERFECT If we don’t embrace our so-called imperfecti­ons then how can we expect anyone else to?

If you feel yourself becoming afraid that you’re not measuring up to contempora­ry notions of what women are expected to be, remind yourself that they are unrealisti­c so instead of trying harder, do the opposite.

If you’re ashamed of your singing voice, sing out loud. If you worry about your weight, wear something tight. If you wear foundation because you fear your skin tone is too uneven, try not wearing it at all.

Do whatever it takes to remind yourself and those around you that you are real. You’re not a cut-out from a magazine, so don’t erase those parts of yourself that don’t fit the image. Show the world that you are perfect just the way you are.

GAINING PERSPECTIV­E This exercise will connect you to that which really gives your life meaning.

1 Have your journal ready and then centre yourself by taking five deep breaths in and five slightly longer breaths out. Close your eyes and imagine you are a much older version of yourself, coming to the end of your life. Look back at your time and ask this older you what has really mattered. What are you glad to have experience­d, and what do you care about most? 2 Open your eyes and write down what the older you has to say. Stay in this future state with your wiser self until you feel she has given you all you need to know. 3 Now close your eyes again and allow yourself to time travel back to today. Centre yourself in the present. Take a look at what you wrote down and think about how you spend your time now.

How much of your energy is focused on the things on your list? How many of the items on your list have to do with looks, achievemen­ts and material possession­s? How many are about relationsh­ips and love? If you keep this list in mind you’ll find that the awareness it gives you will gently result in your priorities starting to shift.

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