Toast #1 Toma­toes, green tahini & toasted sesame

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So sim­ple, so savoury, so good. Serves 4

4–8 slices of sour­dough 120–140g green tahini (see note)

to serve

Gar­lic chives, finely chopped Toasted sesame oil 4 very ripe heir­loom toma­toes, thickly sliced Toasted sesame seeds

Cook’s note Gar­lic chives are best sourced from the garden or win­dow sill, but you could sub­sti­tute stan­dard chives. Green tahini is the nor­mal ver­sion pimped with lemon, gar­lic and pars­ley. For a recipe, try Matt and Len­til’s book, or on­line; Ot­tolenghi has a good one.

1 Toast the bread and spread on a thick layer of tahini.

2 Top with a sprin­kle of chives and splash of oil. Next come the tomato slices, sesame seeds and fi­nally a pinch of salt and freshly ground or cracked black pep­per.

The fer­til­ity of the farm’s soil (be­low) now cy­cles per­pet­u­ally, with food grown in soil made nu­tri­ent-rich by farm ma­nure and food waste

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