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“I thought of that while rid­ing my bi­cy­cle” Al­bert Ein­stein, on his the­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity

Wouldn’t it be great if we could ac­tu­ally live more med­i­ta­tively – prac­tis­ing as we go, with no dis­tinc­tion between re­hearsal and per­for­mance? This is where the bi­cy­cle comes in – a ma­chine that blends med­i­ta­tion with move­ment; cu­rios­ity with ve­loc­ity; mind­ful­ness with mud­guards. On a bi­cy­cle, you can achieve in a few weeks an art that Bud­dhist monks spend decades learn­ing, and which the great Ein­stein en­cap­su­lated ef­fort­lessly: mind­ful liv­ing. By help­ing us to avoid get­ting caught up in our thoughts, cy­cling can bring our whole world­view into bal­ance. If you’re feel­ing tired, it picks you up; when you’re drift­ing, it gives you di­rec­tion; when you’re strug­gling, it gives you mo­men­tum. No won­der the bi­cy­cle is of­ten called the best in­ven­tion in his­tory.

Read more in Ein­stein and the Art of Mind­ful Cy­cling by Ben Irvine (Leap­ing Hare Press)

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