How to stop these gar­den me­naces hav­ing the slime of their life

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With an es­ti­mated 20,000 slugs in the av­er­age Bri­tish gar­den, you’re never go­ing to be rid of them en­tirely. But, to lessen the prob­lem, these ideas will help you slug it out. Fo­cus your en­ergy on the plants that you re­ally care about. Then try:

De­ter­rents Slugs dis­like gar­lic, chives, mint and rose­mary so plant those.

Cof­fee Spray your plant with cold in­stant cof­fee (use with cau­tion, as can neg­a­tively af­fect some plants).

Gar­lic Crush two gar­lic bulbs in 1 litre of water and boil. Af­ter let­ting cool, add a ta­ble­spoon to 4.5 litres water and ap­ply to plants.

Ne­ma­tode po­tion These mi­cro­scopic par­a­sitic worms kill slugs. Avail­able com­mer­cially, or make your own by gath­er­ing 10–20 slugs in a bucket with an inch of water and a hand­ful of leaves. Cover. Stir reg­u­larly over the course of a fort­night. Sieve and water around your cho­sen plants. Re­peat af­ter about 5–6 weeks.

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