The Simple Things - - MISCELLANY - Adapted from The Nat­u­ral First Aid Hand­book by Brigitte Mars (Storey Pub­lish­ing)

Sting­ing net­tle is a won­der­ful plant, rich in min­er­als and ben­e­fi­cial for many health con­di­tions, such as al­ler­gies and ane­mia. How­ever, tiny hairs on the plant in­ject formic acid (found in bee stings) into the skin, caus­ing a burn­ing rash when the plant is touched. AT-HOME FIRST AID FOR NET­TLE RASH It is widely be­lieved that wher­ever net­tles grow, a rem­edy to soothe their sting is close at hand. And in fact, net­tle juice, ap­plied top­i­cally, is an an­ti­dote to net­tle rash. Chop any of the fol­low­ing herbs, mix with a bit of wa­ter, and ap­ply as a poul­tice. In an emer­gency, sim­ply chew the herb and ap­ply to your skin: * Jewel­weed leaf * Mint leaf * Mullein leaf * Plan­tain leaf * Rose­mary leaf * Sage leaf * Yel­low dock leaf

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