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The Simple Things - - MINDFULNESS -

Whether it’s hum­ming along to Christ­mas songs on the ra­dio or belt­ing out carols in church, De­cem­ber pro­vides many op­por­tu­ni­ties to re­dis­cover the plea­sures of singing. A sim­ple well­be­ing tool, singing has the power to con­nect us with our bod­ies, open our hearts, move our emo­tions and ex­press things that wouldn’t oth­er­wise be ex­pressed. Hang on, did you say you can’t sing? Not only can you sing, you are meant to. You came into this world know­ing how to do it and lov­ing it. Do your­self a favour and si­lence that in­ner critic. Sing on your own, in the shower, in a group, in church, in a choir. Try singing ev­ery day for a month and check how you’re feel­ing about your­self and oth­ers at the end of it. You might be sur­prised. Read more in The Art of Mind­ful Singing: Notes on Find­ing

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